Welcome to Nelson Blue Ridge Outfitters—family owned for over 40 years & offering you some of the best hunting in Alberta.

Whether you are hunting for deer, hunting for elk, hunting for moose or hunting for cougar in Alberta we are the place to be.

Based from our cattle ranch, we are a small operation with a limited number of permits. This allows us to maintain a low pressure hunting area. For several of our permits we hunt in the government owned forestry that borders our ranch.

We have permits for both the archery & rifle season, for all species. Combination hunts are available.


No tents, no motels, no restaurant meals—and best of all, no travelling to your hunting area!

We provide our clients with a room within the main ranch house, staying with our family, where you are made to feel at home with 3 home cooked meals daily.

About Us

Cole Nelson, born and raised on the ranch, and his father, Laurie Nelson, will be your personal guides for the week. Their mission is to give you a hunting experience you will remember for years to come. Your guide knows the local terrain inside & out and has watched many animals grow into the fine specimens they are today. They have watched their traits & travel patterns & while they may not know where they are at any moment in time their job is to find them for you.